Libya takes Measures to Combat Corruption

Prime Minister Dr Ali Zidan [Zeidan] (pictured) has said that corruption is a disease that requires persistent treatment to eradicate it from society, but the government will undertake all necessary measures to do that.

He told the government-owned TV channel, Libya Al-Wataniya, that a plan has already been implemented with the Audit Bureau to review all actions of the state. He has authorised the Bureau to be provided with all the qualified personnel and resources needed to carry out its functions.

The government will also establish a central bidding committee to handle the awarding of contracts in a transparent manner.

The PM added that the Libyan secret service will be playing a role in combating corruption and will hunt down all criminals.

There will also be new measures that prevent corruption in the recruitment of employees to government agencies.

He also called on the general public to protect public property and funds as well as report those who violate the law.

(Source: Libya Herald)

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