Petroleum Facilities Guard Increases Security

Libya’s Petroleum Facilities Guard (PFG) is boosting security at oil facilities in the west and south of the country following the attack at the Algerian gas plant, Libya Herald reports.

According to a statement released on its Facebook page, the PFG said the measures would include:

"The formation of a special operations room, including military air support and increasing guards, military personal and intensifying security patrols inside and outside the sites around the clock to block any attempt from any who wish to compromise public property."

The PFG said there is no record of any attempts to attack facilities, and work in all sites and faculties is proceding as normal.

Prime Minister Ali Zeidan’s said on Wednesday that the GNC is serious in protecting petroleum installations, adding that if oil workers were abducted in Libya the government "would deal with it".

(Source: Libya Herald, Reuters, PFG)

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