Libya Shows Biggest Gain in Freedom Report

A new report from Freedom House cites Libya as a relative success story in the MENA region.

Having ranked among the world’s worst tyrannies for decades, the country scored major gains in 2012, especially in the political rights categories, and is now ranked as "Partly Free".

According to Freedom in the World 2013, Libya continues to suffer from a lack of clear government control over many parts of its territory, a problem that is compounded by the actions of autonomous local militias and radical Islamists.

But in defiance of forecasts of chaos and failure, the country held successful elections for a General National Congress that included candidates from a range of regional and political backgrounds, while free expression and civic activity continued to grow.

Along with neighbouring Tunisia, Libya registered the largest net gain in total aggregate score between Freedom in the World 2009 and Freedom in the World 2013.

You can download the full report here.

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