Defence Industry Exhibition in Tripoli

An arms fair is currently running at the Tripoli Airbase.

The First Libyan Technologies Military Science Exhibition saw 65 companies from 16 countries promoting everything from items of uniform to ammunition, communication systems, patrol boats and armoured vehicles.

According to the report from Libya Herald, the event has been given added impetus by the Libyan government’s announcement that the country needs to upgrade its armed forces and also wants specialist equipment.

Countries exhibiting included Britain, Bulgaria, China, France, Germany, Greece and Jordan, but there were no firms from Russia, once a leading arms supplier to Libya.

Among the companies exhibiting were:

  • Bulgaria’s state-owned ammunition maker Kintex, which has been operating in Libya since the 1970s, and had built a castings plant;
  • Greek firm Elmon, maker of protective, security and defence systems;
  • France’s Paul Boyé Technologies;
  • Italy’s Grassi 1925;
  • Beijing-based China XinXing;
  • UK’s BCB Technologies, which was showcasing its small unmanned aerial vehicles (drones);
  • Renault Trucks Defense SAS;
  • General Dynamics;
  • Libya's Miar Assarwa, which supplies motor patrol boats for naval and coastguard use.

The fair, organised by Labrq, runs until Wednesday.

(Sources: Libya Herald, Shanghai Daily)

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