UK Prime Minister Pledges Support to Libya

Prime Minister David Cameron has pledged more British expertise to help the Libyan government improve security.

During an unannounced visit to the capital, Tripoli, which included a tour of a police training centre, the Prime Minister said:

“The British people want to stand with you and help you deliver the greater security that Libya needs… so we have offered training and support from our police and our military.”

Security talks

Mr Cameron held talks with Libyan President Megarief and Prime Minister Ali Zeidan during the visit, and security was high on the agenda.

Libya is strategically important in combating terrorism in North Africa – especially in light of recent events in Mali and Algeria – and as a result Mr Cameron agreed a new package of support with a focus on military, police and border security advisors. In addition to training being provided in Libya, a group of Libyan sailors are to be given the opportunity to train in the UK with the Royal Navy.

Political reform

However, the Prime Minister has been clear that, while a strong security response is needed to tackle the challenge of terrorism in the region, on its own it is not enough.

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