Mitri Briefs UN Security Council

Mr. Tarek Mitri (pictured), the Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary General, has briefed the UN Security Council on progress in Libya:

Mr. President

1. Since my last briefing, Prime Minister Ali Zeidan and his cabinet have officially taken office. The Prime Minister appears to enjoy broad support from the General National Congress, political parties and the public. The new government expressed its determination to tackle the major internal problems facing the country. Equally, the Prime Minister has taken the initiative to enhance relations of cooperation and mutual respect with neighbours in the region as well as with other international partners.

2. In recognition of the importance of the Prime Minister’s office in exercising leadership in policy implementation and ensuring coordination among the ministries, UNSMIL has been providing technical assistance in developing effective institutions and processes. Similar assistance has been provided to the General National Congress to support the establishment of internal structures.

3. Since my last briefing, the Libyan constitution-making process has gained increased political significance, with mounting public pressure on the General National Congress to move expeditiously on forming the constitution drafting body. The General National Congress has not yet determined whether the members of this body are to be appointed or elected. That this debate is intertwined with regional politics is evident. The General National Congress has formed a committee to organize public consultations around this important matter. UNSMIL is providing support to the work of the committee. Libyan civil society has also increased discussions on constitution-making procedures and on the constitution's content. UNSMIL continues to encourage inclusive dialogue on both sets of issues hoping to enhance progress in the process leading to the making of the constitution.

4. On 14 January, women members of the General National Congress announced the formation of a caucus, one of whose key aims is to ensure the fair representation of women on the constitutional drafting committee. UNSMIL has been supporting their efforts advocating women’s rights and political participation.

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