Skilled Workers Needed at Azzawiya Oil Refinery

The sub-tenders committee at Azzawiya Oil Refinery [Zawia] is looking for highly skilled and qualified technical personnel to carry out maintenance activities at Azzawiya Refinery and at Benghazi Asphalt plant.

The categories of technical personnel are as follows:

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(*) One welder & one fabricator shall be placed at Benghazi Asphalt Plant, Benghazi, Libya.

We are pleased to invite you to tender, without any obligations or expenses on our side for such tender, for the above required services, which are to be provided for ARC in full compliance with the Scope of Works, Bills of Quantities and other tender documents.

Therefore national and foreign companies specialized eligible legal and has experience in this field and feel comfortable in the same efficiency and the desire to participate in the auction, progress to receive a tender documents from The Secretary, Sub-Tenders Committee, Main Administration Building, Azzawiya Oil Refining Company Inc. Azzawiya,

period from the date of 10/02/2013 and until 13:00 HR Thursday 18/02/2013 AD, according to the following:

• Withdraw the tender documents against the payment of an amount of LYD (300). Non-refundable.

• The last date for the submission of your offer is Tuesday 05/03/2013 13:00 noon.

• The person who collects the tender documents must be authorized from his company supported by leter of authorization.

For more information , Please contact Secretary, Tenders –Sub.Committee

Fax no.: 0237628670 tele. 0213610539-42 Ext. 5512

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