600 Work Resumption Contracts Signed

The Libyan government has signed agreements with 600 contractors to resume work on housing units and related construction works.

The Minister of Housing and Utilities, Ali Hassan Al-Sharif, has aid that the go-aheads have been signed after the contracts had been re-evaluated by the 'Commission of Twenty' which had investigated their propriety. Fifty percent of bills were being paid and administrative problems settled, he added.

An estimated 60,000 housing units are to be completed in the near future as a result of this move, with a further 6,500 prefabricated houses to be built by the end of the year.

The minister added that compensation was also continuing to be paid to individuals whose homes had been damaged or destroyed during the revolution.

The ministry had carried out a detailed review of all housing projects in cooperation with local councils on the priorities, said Sharif, and had established priorities for implementing work. It had also looked at solutions to the various bottlenecks preventing the resumption of construction. He explained that many of the incomplete housing projects were awaiting completion of related works such as roads, electricity, water supply and connection to the sewerage system.

(Source: Libya Herald)

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