Dutch-Libyan Org sets up Think Tanks

The Dutch Libyan Cooperation Council (DLCC), a private sector organisation based in the Netherlands, has called on international business leaders and politicians to 'rally around' Prime Minister Zeidan’s government and give it hands-on support to help Libya develop into an exemplary safe and stable democratic state.

The chairman of the DLCC, Herman Klijnsma, told Libya Herald:

"Turning away our heads away and accepting the risk of Libya falling apart is no option ... There are security challenges in Libya, but the answer is not to stay away, but to come and work on them.

"We need to help the government to break through the current paralysing vicious circle it finds itself in ... On the one hand, there is increasing disappointment and frustration among the Libyan people due to the perceived lack of action by its government and the little or no noticeable progress in problems being solved.

"On the other hand, this serious dissatisfaction for its part is caused by the government’s lack of sufficient manpower, specialist expertise and time to deal with the immense tasks ahead, in a professional, centrally -planned and well-coordinated manner."

The organisation plans to set up two separate, Dutch-Libyan managed, international think tanks, focusing on security and healthcare respectively.

"The initiators of the ambitious plan expect this integral approach to help the Libyan government create a safe and stable democratic nation with a well-functioning nationwide healthcare system, said Klijnsma.

(Source: Libya Herald)

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