Austrian Trade Mission Visits Tripoli

An Austrian trade mission is visit Tripoli from 25th to 28th February.

Twenty companies are taking part in the trip, representing sectors such as healthcare, design, engineering, industry, wood, pipeline connections, logistics and distribution, consulting, human resources supply, general trading, banking, food, chemicals and personal protection.

Libya Herald reports that initially 50 Austrian companies had applied to join the delegation, but for organizational reasons only 30 could be accommodated; the other 20 companies were to be included in a later trip.

In the meantime ten companies cancelled due to security warnings and the cancellation of flights by Lufthansa and its subsidiary Austrian Airlines, leaving just 20 companies taking part.

David Bachmann, Commercial Counselor at the Austrian Embassy in Tripoli (Advantage Austria), said he would be bringing 15 companies over for the Libya Build exhibition.

For further information contact the commercial section of the Austrian embassy: [email protected]

(Source: Libya Herald)

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