Maltese Investment Advisers Visit Libya

Libya Herald reports that a Malta-based broker and financial adviser will bring a delegation to Libya in the coming week to meet with Libyan groups to discuss the company’s online trading financial platform.

Exante’s Vice President of Research and Accounts Management, Abdalla Kablan (pictured), will lead the group, and he commented:

"Libya is now in a unique position for restructuring. The financial industry in Libya needs to adapt to new trends and train its personnel on the new forms of financial trading using new scientific measures and Exannte unique platform and products can play a major role in this restructuring."

(Sources: Libya Herald, Tripoli Post)

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  1. Issa Bayou 5th March 2013 at 11:37 pm #

    I knew Dr. Kablan for long time, he is a major player in the computational finance industry and have many huge scale projects with regards to the Libyan financial structure and development, as of my personal opinion Libya is a fertile ground for these projects with almost no competition , yet it will become a market of ferocious competition in not less than 2 years in terms of investments.


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