Mellitah Pre-Qual for Fiber Optics at Wafa

The Mellitah Oil & Gas Company intends to issue the below tender and wishes to invite for pre-qualification interested, experienced and reputable companies specialized in providing similar services stated below to submit full electronic file including all requirements for inclusion in the bidders list to be invited to participate in the following tender:

Tender Number 723

The Pipeline & Optical cable exposed from Wafa desert to Mellitah complex.

Scope of Work

To cover the both pipelines and fiber optic cable which to do backfilling at wafa field, and to provision of sand and rocks to cover oil and gas lines of the field to meet the company's Mellitah oil and gas according to the required specifications.

In all the work will have to implementation and delivery tests within the above-mentioned work, the use of devices and detection equipment and maintenance internationally accredited.The Contractor shall adhere to standard specifications and technical requirements, which include the scope of work.

The Contractor shell also, adheres to all of the Mellitah company for oil and gas standards, government regulations and industry practices where applicable.

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