RASCO Tender for New Buildings

The tender committee of the Ras Lanuf Oil & Gas Processing Company (RASCO) invites sealed bids from eligible contractors for following project:





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It is required to carry out detailed engineering, design, procurement, and construction of a new ethylene maintenance offices building about

( 23 M long x 17.5 M width ) .

The building will consist of offices , toilet and will be complete with all services including, independent sewage disposal, access road , parking and services , such as electrical installations , telephone , plumbing , air conditioning , water proofing system , fire fighting and all necessary tie – ins ( drawing etc. ) . (E.P.C)

Interested specialized contractors who have enough experience and knowledge to perform such an activity are invited to tender for the above mentioned project by nominating a rep. to collect tender’s documents from tenders committee office in Ras Lanuf daily from 10:30 am to 12:30. Documents also can be collected according to procedure (upon request) from our Benghazi/Tripoli offices.

Bidders who have valid registration and licenses to perform such an activity and have interest to participate are kindly requested to:

-Nominate a representative to purchase ITB document, payment in form of certified check (company account) in favor of Ras Lanuf oil & Gas Processing Company (this is not refundable).

-Present company profile showing financial status and past experience in said field.

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