Sana To Offer Broadband Via Avanti Satellite

According to Satellite Today, Libyan satellite provider Sana is planning to offer broadband services to businesses and government organizations that are helping rebuild Libya with the help of Avanti Communications' Hylas 2 satellite.

Sana spokesman Aimen Sabkha explained that broadband is expected to play a critical role in Libya's re-emergence from the country's recent instability.

Avanti's Ka-band technology will allow Libyan consumers and businesses to access the Internet via satellite, which could have a significant impact on the economic growth of the country. Less than 6 percent of Libyans currently have access to the Internet, and those that do have the slowest Internet speed in the region.

Sana also believes that there is a demand for television and radio applications throughout Libya, and expect to provide back-haul support services in the future as fiber infrastructure improves.

(Source: Satellite Today)

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