UN: Recent Developments Highlight Challenges

“The country remains awash with unsecured weapons and munitions that continue to pose a regional security risk given Libya’s porous borders.”

Mr. Mitri said that, in spite of these difficulties, the Government led by Prime Minister Ali Zeidan – who also addressed the Council’s meeting today – is resolved to move forward expeditiously to enhance security and address the various problems pertaining to the proliferation of weapons and continued presence of armed groups outside the legitimate control of the State.

“UNSMIL will continue to provide assistance in this regard,” pledged Mr. Mitri.

In addition to discussing the situation in Libya, the Council also adopted a resolution extending UNSMIL’s mandate for another 12 months, as recommended by Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in his recent report.

UNSMIL is tasked with continuing its assistance to the Government in defining the national priorities related to its democratic transition and efforts to build a modern, accountable State based on the rule of law and respect for human rights.

By the terms of the resolution, the Council also extended the mandate of the Panel of Experts assisting the Libya Sanctions Committee for 12 more months. In addition, it decided to partially lift the arms embargo on Libya and gradually ease the asset freeze on some Libyan financial institutions.

(Source: United Nations News Centre)

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