Human Resources Development Plan for Libyan Oil

The Libya Ministry of Oil and Gas intends to undertake a study for the establishment of a comprehensive Human Resources Development Plan with the aim to upgrade manpower competence within the Oil and Gas Sector which consists of Companies, Centers and Institutes fully owned by NOC, Joint Venture Companies and Exploration and Production Sharing Agreement Companies (EPSA).

The Study should include the following:

1) Organization of a workshop, on relative data collection methodology and data-base building for a selected team from the Ministry of Oil and Gas. The team will later assist in the implementation of the preparation of the plan.

2) Study and assessment of previous human resources training programs and development plans implemented during (2008- 2009- 2010) to identify any deficiencies and to make recommendations for future training & development plans implementation procedures.

3) Preparation of a practical proposal for a career development plan to create specialists and second-line managers.

4) Assessment of the current training institutes and centers to point out weaknesses and recommend means for the development of these institutions based on international standards.

For this purpose, the Ministry invites specialized companies with experience in human resources development consultancy to provide their documentations, no later than 31st March 2013, through the following email address: [email protected]

The documents, however, should include the following:

1. An official letter, to the bidding committee, stating the desire to participate in the bidding stage.

2. Necessary official documents and certifications.

3. A company profile containing necessary documents outlining previous experience in this field.

4. Company structure and financial statement for the last three years

(Source: NOC)

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