Libya Denies Depositing $2bn with Egypt

Libya has reportedly denied reports that it would deposit $2 billion in Egypt’s Central Bank (CBE).

Several news agencies quoted Libyan ambassador to Cairo, Mohamed Fayez Jibril [Jebril], as having made the commitment following Egypt's decision to extradite a number of Libyans, including Ahmed Qadhaf al-Dam, a cousin of Muammar Qaddafi who had been living openly in Cairo.

But Mohamed Douma, the head of foreign affairs committee at GNC, the highest legislative authority in Libya, told Ahram Online:

The GNC hasn’t yet ratified Jebril as the new ambassador to Egypt, so his statements are neither official nor associated with the Libyan government ... Ashour Bourashed still stands as the current Libyan ambassador to Egypt.

Similarly, Libyan Foreign Minister Mohammed Abdelaziz told Reuters, "there was nothing agreed upon".

(Source: Ahram Online, Reuters)

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