UK: Promoting Human Rights in Libya

The United Kingdom's Foreign and Commonwealth Office has issued the following statement on the promotion of human rights in Libya:


During the 2011 revolution the Libyan people expressed their clear desire to live in a country which upholds international human rights standards. The new congress and government have stated their commitment to protecting human rights and have asked for support in reforming and improving Libya’s prisons.

Libya wants to bring all detainees from the conflict under central government control, support equality of opportunity for Libyan women and minority groups, and to draft a new constitution in accordance with international standards.


Through the Conflict Pool we are providing an expert adviser to work with the Libyan Ministry of Justice on prison reform. We are also funding the International Centre for Prison Studies to provide training and advice to the Libyan Judicial Police to improve standards in Libyan prisons. The advice of our police experts, and all UK-funded police training, is underpinned by a commitment to providing effective security in a manner consistent with international human rights standards.

Also through the Conflict Pool we are funding the Public International Law and Policy Group to advise the Libyan government on new Transitional Justice legislation and processes to help ensure accountability for the crimes committed during the revolution.

Through the Arab Political Participation Fund we are supporting several international non-government organisations to provide training and advice to Libyan civil society organisations and women’s groups as they support women’s rights and ensure the new constitution protects the rights of all Libyans.

(Source: United Kingdom Foreign and Commonwealth Office)

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