$10m EU Programme to Reform Health Sector

An €8 million [$10 million] EU programme has begun in Libya, supporting health sector reform. It aims to accompany a sustained process of reform guided by the Libyan government, health care leaders and the Minister of Health, with whom there is an open dialogue.

A press release said the EU looked at health comprehensively and could help to answer many questions:

  • What do people want, need and expect from public services?
  • Why don’t Libyans trust health care providers and why do they seek care abroad?
  • How can we change this?

The programme started in January 2013 and provides state-of-the-art analysis and policy advice to help correct systemic imbalances and strengthen planning, financing and management of health services and human resources.

Complementary interventions provide support to physical rehabilitation for people with disabilities and the management of communicable diseases, in particular HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and hepatitis.

(Source: EU Neighbourhood Info Centre/EU)

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