Medelec Conference in Tripoli

The General Electric Company of Libya (GECOL) -- the country's power generating and distributing organization -- has hosted Medelec’s 21st Annual Conference in Tripoli.

Medelec, the Mediterranean Electricity Network, is the organization that links the power grid systems of the Mediterranean countries. The conference was held under the banner “Wind Energy Integration in a Power System: Overview and Focus on Medelec Countries”.

The conference was attended by Libya’s Deputy Prime Minister Awad Barasi (pictured), who was Minister of Electricity under the previous Al-Kib government, GECOL head and host Khalil Aroudi, and representatives of several Mediterranean states.

The Deputy Prime Minister noted the importance of renewable energy generation for Libya, emphasising the many hours of sunshine and areas with strong winds. He cited the wind-powered plant of Derna as an example producing 60 MW of power.

(Source: Libya Herald)

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