AGOCO Pre-Qual for Generator Rental

The Arabian Gulf Oil Company (AGOCO) has announced opportunities for the pre-qualification of specialized companies to supply power generators for the Sarir and Messla oilfields.

Interested, experienced and reputable national and international companies specialising in providing these services are invited to submit full electronic files including all requirements for inclusion in the bidders list to be invited to participate in the tender:

Tender No. STC-283/2012

Rental Mobile Power Generators for Sarir and Messla Fields

Scope of Work:

The Arabian Gulf Oil Company intends to rent 20MW Gas Turbine Generator Sets compatible to the existing system to supplement the power supply requirements of the 11/33kV Messla –Sarir fields ring network through the oil and gas gathering center no. 9 in Messla field. The contractor shall supply, operate and maintain these sets throughout the duration of the rental period. The minimum duration of the rental period could be one (1) year.

The contractor shall have to supply, operate and maintain all the sets for the above-mentioned work using devices and equipment internationally accredited.

The Contractor shall adhere to standard specifications and technical requirements, which include the scope of work and to all of the Arabian Gulf Oil Company for oil and gas standards, government regulations and industry practices in the oil and gas area.

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