Flight Ban could be Lifted in Weeks

The current ban on Libyan Airlines flying its own aircraft in EU airspace could be lifted within a matter of weeks, says Libya Herald.

The director general of Libya’s Civil Aviation Authority (LYCAA), Captain Nasereddin Shaebelain, told the news agency:

We went to Brussels last week and discussed the preparation of our final report ... We will submit this during the next fortnight and we are hoping for a positive review ... I think that this is going to be a milestone.

But Shaebelain explained that even if the ban is lifted on Libyan Airlines, it will take longer for fellow state-owned airline Afriqiyah Airways to return to EU skies:

We expect Libyan Airlines to be completed earlier than Afriqiyah because we started the process with them first ... We still have to discuss a lot of things with Afriqiyah, including safety systems and document processes.

Head of operations for Afriqiyah Airways in the UK, Alan Mates, told the Libya Herald in December that Afriqiyah is plagued by paperwork problems dating back to 2007.

Both Afriqiyah and Libyan Airlines are currently wet-leasing aircraft and flight-deck staff to service their European routes.

(Source: Libya Herald)

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