Video: Horse Racing Returns to Libya

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A new Libyan horse racing season began on Friday at the country's oldest race course, the Abu Sittah track in Tripoli, which was built in the 1930s.

With the country under the rule of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, horse racing in Libya was marginalised but things are now getting better according to those involved in the sport.

Amer Ahmed Salem, jockey of Aziz WaGhaly, winner of 2000 metres, said:

"Horse racing was oppressed but there are good changes now. We would like to congratulate this new regime for its great achievements."

Khayry Amer Ashour, horse owner and trainer, added:

"The situation will improve from day to day. There will be radical changes, but we have to be patient with the current speed of change. Several groups and organisations have plans for change, but implementing them takes time.

"There is public readiness for change and development. Many Libyan (horse) owners are participating in tournaments abroad and they are honouring this country by their success. All these are good steps for the improvement of the sport."

(Source: SNTV)

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