Brega Tender for Water Treatment

The Brega Petroleum Marketing Company (BPMC) announces a call for national and foreign companies specialized in the field of the environmental business for the project mentioned below:

  • The project supply and install units of hydrocarbon water treatment units in Company terminals.

Contractor must strictly follow up all safety and environments regulations in according to the environmental authorities in Libya.

Conditions and Requirements for Participation:

Interested companies for the above tender must satisfy the stipulated requirements and submit the required information below, failure to submit any of the under listed documents will render automatic disqualification.

The applied Companies must be registered in General Environment Authority and NOC.

The applied Companies must have permanent headquarter in Libya supplied by all equipments necessary in particular.

Submit of company profile with full details of similar contractors performed with relevant and verifiable reference list of clients where the works had been undertaken literature / catalogue of the entire range of work / service / equipments and any additional information that will enhance the potential of the applicant.

Submit of Company organization chart and experience record and CVS personal specialized in similar works.

Submit of financial status documents of the company turnover for the last three years.

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