Malta’s new PM wants to Help Libya

The new Maltese Prime Minister, Joseph Muscat (pictured), has said he's looking to a new relationship between Malta and Libya:

He told Libya Herald:

I think the Libyan people need genuine friends, friends who can tell them what they think with an open mind, who can give them suggestions, who are willing to listen and who treat each other as equals.

“It is not ‘We Europeans, you North Africans!’ No. It is ‘We Mediterraneans’. It is how we, as equals, can move forward to develop our countries.

Specifically, he told the news agency that Malta can help train Libyans in a number of sectors to help Libya’s development, including public services such as education and healthcare as well as industries related to oil extraction and energy.

But I would point out one key phrase,” he said. “Capacity building. I do think that Malta can help out Libya in institutional capacity-building across the board”.

(Source: Libya Herald)

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