NOC Symposium on Funding for Oil and Gas

The National Oil Corporation (NOC) has announced that it plans to organize national symposium on the mechanisms and sources of funding and investment prospects to oil and gas sector.

The symposium will be held Thursday and Wednesday, 14-15/5/2013 to discuss the following:

First day: (mechanisms and sources of funding for projects in oil and gas sector)

  1. The types and sources of funding (advantages and disadvantages).
  2. Legislation governing mechanisms and sources of funding.
  3. Assessment of the last period of the sources of funding to oil and gas sector.
  4. The relationship between oil and gas sector and local financing institutions and external.
  5. Visions and strategies of the local funders and financing authorities to participates in oil and gas development projects

Second day: (sector investment prospects Libyan oil and gas)

1.  The prospects for investment in fields of oil and gas

  • Presentation about the prospects of investing in the development of projects of petrochemical and refining industries
  • Presentation on the future of the reserve development projects (IOR/EOR)
  • Private investment projects approaching other public in the field of oil and gas.
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