NOC Symposium on Funding for Oil and Gas

2.  Development of the investment environment in Libya

  • Presentation of the Investment Promotion Act and its relationship to invest in oil and gas field
  • Presentation of the labor law in Libya
  • Presentation of the laws and regulations on the protection of the environment
  • The role of the Libyan investment institutions to improve the investment environment

3.   International investment experience in the field of oil and gas

  • International companies presentations


First day:

Participants are limited of Libyan authorities, specialists to discuss and find out mechanisms and local funding sources and display of previous experiences and discuss ideas and appropriate solutions for the development of funding sources and mechanisms of local communities.

Second day:

Participations of Libyan and international companies interested in the investment of oil and gas, The invitation addressed to the Libyan experts and specialists from the oil and gas sector, as well as all the ministries, financial institutions and the Libyan investment to contribute and participate in this symposium by providing presentations.

To subscribe registration and send your presentation, please to the following address:

National Oil Corporation

Department of Planning and Studies

Email: [email protected] the

Or call: 00218213336825


  • The last date for receipt of Posts is held on Thursday, 09.05.2013.
  • Time allocated for display: 15 minutes and 5 minutes for questions.
  • Two discussions panels at the end of the day to discuss what has been exposed by the participants

(Source: NOC)

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