Tender: New AGOCO Workshop at Nafoora

The Arabian Gulf Oil Company (AGOCO) has announced a project (MTC 14\2013) for the construction of new well head workshop at Nafoora Oil Field.


Contractor shall carry all required work such as designing steel Construction & Construction and building completely with electrical, plumping ventilation and air condition. Also, supply materials and equipments. All A/M work where detailed mention in bid documents

All specialized companies which have the true desire to participate in this tender ,and have the efficiency ,ability, previous experience and specialized in the above mentioned field , be notified that tender documents shall be withdrawn during the period from :

Day: Sunday Corres.To: 26\05\2013 A.D To : Day: Tuesday Corres. To: 28\05\2013 A.D, from 12.00 p.m to: 14.00 p.m through a direct delivery to their representatives who have to fill the attached receipt form to be brought later on the date of delivery, in order to ease and speed the procedure to draw the tender booklet from the Main Tender Committee- office No. (4)-New building at the AGOCO headquarter- Alkies- Benghazi, upon an amount of money about (1000) Dinars .L.D paid through non refundable certified cheque issued by one of the working Libyan banks, for the benefit of the Arabian Gulf Oil company.

However, the booklet is allowed to be drawn only by bidders capable of providing the documents requested according to the following terms:

The representative shall be authorized to draw the tender booklet upon an official document, issued by the body he represents.

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