Khoms Port Aims to Expand

The port of Khoms is looking to double its capacity, according to a report from Libya Herald.

Port authorities signed an agreement with the Libyan Navy, which had previously occupied almost half the harbour, to take over four additional berths and 40,000 hectares of land.

Under the new agreement, the port of Khoms will have control over most of the harbour’s functioning moorings, include four deep-water berths able to take vessels drawing up to 14 metres, which will offer some of the deepest water berthing in any Libyan port. The land is to be used for a container terminal.

“With these new berths we can bring larger container vessels into the port,” the port’s General Manager Mustafa Morshan told the Libya Herald yesterday, “and, once operational, 12 ships could dock at any one time.”

At present, the port can handle a maximum of seven vessels at a time.

(Source: Libya Herald)

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