UK Ambassador Opens 4 English Schools

The British government has given grants of LD 20,000 each to five English language teaching schools.

As a result, the schools in Rufban, Yefren, Zintan and Ghariyan (where there are two), in the Jebel Nafousa, are now offering low-cost tuition to up to 12,000 students a year.

British Ambassador Michael Aron formally opened the new schools during a whistle-stop mountain tour.

The Ambassador told Libya Herald:

The LD 20,000 given to each of the schools has been used to buy equipment and computers ... The local councils have given the buildings. This allows for the English language schools to charge low fees for their classes.

"Using the software and computers, pupils will be able to follow British Council courses, though they will still have to go to Tripoli if they wish to sit a formal exam.

(Sources: Libya Herald, British Ambassador)

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