Over $80m Spent in Health Sector

Health Minister Dr Nouredine Doughman [Noureldeen Dagman] has said that his Ministry has spent over LD 100 million [$80 million], but that much of this is not immediately obvious as it has been spent on things such as lifts, air conditions, housing for medical staff, etc..

He also revealed that the latest tender for the Medical Supply Organization (MSO), the state agency that procures and distributes subsidised medicines into and within Libya, was ready.

But according to a report from Libya Herald, he also complained that the Ministry could not find an adequate database of standard approved medicines, and that he was creating a computer system to update this list in cooperation with the French.

In addition, the World Health Organisation (WHO) was helping Libya set up a reference laboratory.

Minister Doughman also gave a brief update on a number of hospitals and clinics:

  • The tender envelopes for six clinics, four in Tripoli and two in Benghazi are ready to be opened;
  • Surman Hospital is ready and the Ministry was having discussions with the local council regarding the possibility of the hospital being managed by a foreign partner;
  • Misrata Accident Hospital has 140 beds ready, along with a clinic was rented for maternity purposes;
  • Derna Hospital had bottlenecks and has been handed over to another company;
  • Jalu hospital was being prepared with equipment;
  • Brega hospital will be ready to open on 15th July;
  • Benghazi hospital signed an MOU with a Belgian company, and the Ministry has given permission to the Benghazi Medical Centre to sign a three year cooperation agreement to train surgeons;
  • Tripoli Medical Centre lacks lifts which are being installed and the Nuclear medicine centre is being activated;
  • The Kidney hospital in Zawia will soon open;
  • The Zahra Kidney centre will restart kidney implants in cooperation with Egypt;
  • Sbea hospital is doing well, and a budget has been allocated to it to buy supplies.

(Source: Libya Herald)

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  1. Jover Degara Pleñago 12th September 2013 at 10:26 am #

    Good day!I'm Mr.Jover Pleñago from Philippines,if you don't mind ,I would like to ask if Brega Hospital in Libya is under the Ministry of Health.Thank you.

    Jover D.Pleñago

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