UK Group in $1.6bn Hospital Deal

UK-based International Hospitals Group (IHG) has signed a LD 2-billion ($1.6 billion) contract to design, build and operate nine new hospitals across Libya, reports Libya Herald.

Each hospital will have a capacity of 120 to 150 beds.

Twenty British and Libyan medical units consisting of doctors, specialists and administrators will operate these hospitals and provide training for Libyan personnel.

If implemented, this would be one of the biggest single contracts signed by Libya since the Revolution.

Libyan Health Minister Nouredine Doughman said that work had already started in some cities, and was due to be completed within 15 months.

According to the report, it was not clear whether the the Al Marg Hospital (pictured) in the Eastern Libya was part of the new contract -- IHG had signed a contract to manage this hospital before the revolution, but it had not been put into effect.

(Source: Libya Herald)

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