Pilot Boat Required at Ras Lanuf

The tender committee of the Ras Lanuf Oil & Gas Processing Company (RASCO) invites sealed bids from eligible suppliers to quote for a Pilot Boat for the port of Ras Lanuf (project no. 8486).

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Project is to Supply (Ras Lanuf Oil & Gas Processing Company) with a Pilot Boat to operate in port RASCO port based on 24-hours operation.

The pilot boat should perform and not limited to the following services:

1. Facilitating and providing the pilot services.

2. Facilitate the provision of personnel transport services from shore to ship and vice versa.

Interested specialized Boat Manufacturers who have enough experience and knowledge to perform such activities are invited to tender for the above mentioned project by nominating a rep. to collect tender’s documents from tenders committee office in Ras Lanuf daily from 10:30 am to 12:30. Documents also can be obtained (upon request) from our offices in Benghazi /or Tripoli (in accordance to set procedures).

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