Two Main Oil Ports Strikebound

Operations at Es Sider and Ras Lanuf ports are suspended due to strike action, according to Reuters.

Operations at the two ports were previously stopped at the beginning of July when security guards blocked the entrance over pay, but they reopened several days later.

Ras Lanuf is a large complex in eastern Libya that includes the North African country's biggest refinery and a separate port. Es Sider exports the main light sweet Es Sider grade produced by the Waha consortium, which has a capacity of around 350,000 bpd.

In western Libya, the 130,000 bpd El Feel field also has been out since end-May, and flows from the smaller Al-Wafa field, used together to create the Mellitah crude blend with El Feel, have been stopped by a Libyan minority group over the weekend.

Zueitina port (pictured) has been out since 17th July after armed protesters stopped operations.

(Source: Trade Arabia)

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