5,000 Revolutionaries to Study Abroad

The Minister of Higher Education and Scienfitic Research, Mohamed Hassan Abu Bakr, has told Libya Herald that the government is to send 5,000 former revolutionaries to continue their studies overseas.

An agreement was signed at the Corinthia Hotel last week in the presence of the director of Warriors Affairs Commission (WAC), Mustafa Sagezli and Ahmed Al-Banouni, the director of WAC’s board for foreign study programmes.

“The programme aims at building a new Libya. It is a move from military era to one of knowledge and construction of the country”, Sagezli explained. The decision to send the 5,000 Libyans was a “historic one,” he said.

All towns and regions would be included in the programme but priority would be given to former revolutionaries with an existing diploma and those now disabled as a result of injuries sustained during the fighting, Sagezli stressed.

The government agreed in mid-April to send 18,000 registered revolutionaries to continue their studies abroad. The 5,000 represent the first batch.

(Sources: Libya Herald, Prime Minister's Office)

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