Zeidan Proposes a new Information Minister

Libya Herald reports that Prime Minister Ali Zeidan [Zidan] has proposed a new Information Minister, three months after the last minister resigned.

The new minister has been named as Mohamed Khalil Bin Saoud, who was born in Benghazi in 1957, and graduated from the Historical Studies Department of Benghazi’s Garyounis University. His CV says he was a political activist and fighter against the Qaddafi’s regime from 1975.

His nomination will have to be ratified by congress. In his submission to congress, describing his vision for the media, Saoud writes:

"Many believe that a free media, which does not follow the state, can say what they want. We make mistakes when we believe that the Western countries’ private media is free and irresponsible [sic]."

Last June the former Minister of Information Yousif Mohamed Al-Shareif resigned writing on his own FaceBook page that “my optimism was an illusion, and I did not know that the Al-Watanya Channel is governed by those who describe themselves as Thuwar.

(Source: Libya Herald)

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