British Healthcare Mission Visits Tripoli

A UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) healthcare mission from the Yorkshire and Humber region is currently visiting Tripoli.

The six companies will visit state hospitals, private clinics and medical equipment and supply companies in the capital, according to Libya Herald.

David Harris, the Head of UKTI Libya said:

"... for UK businesses with prior experience in Libya, or those new to the market, this is a fascinating time to be visiting Libya and to continue to build, or start to establish, the sort of sustainable long-term relationships that are essential for doing business in Libya.

"The importance of personal relationships in this market cannot be over-emphasized."

At a time when some may be reluctant to visit Libya, Harris added that:

"Despite the troubles, the Libyan economic fundamentals remain strong and, in the longer term, we continue to remain upbeat about (British) prospects (in doing business in Libya)."

(Source: Libya Herald)

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