Italian Company Makes Aerial Lifts for Libya

Italian truck and spider lift manufacturer Socage has developed a 13.5 metre aerial lift on a Toyota pick-up for desert applications, in a deal for 90 units, according to Vertikal.

The compact 4x4 unit has been developed in conjunction with Socage’s Libyan distributor Teico (TechnoLibya for Engineering Industries), which has already purchased the 90 A314 superstructures.

The new lift offers 7.2 metres of outreach and 225kgs platform capacity and 180 degrees of platform rotation.

The unit is equipped with two additional outriggers along with the company’s two leg self-levelling stabiliser system, in order to provide better stability on the uneven desert terrain.

The lifts will also be certified to operate on when out of level by up to 10 degrees. Socage's A314 boom mounted on a Toyota Isuzu pick-up truck.

Established in 2008 and based in Tripoli, Teico is the official distributor for Socage work platforms and Fassi cranes.

(Source: Vertikal)

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