Libya: EU must Step up Efforts

The EU must step up its involvement in supporting Libya’s stability and transition to democracy, said the European Parliament in a vote on Thursday. MEPs condemned the growing use of violence there, especially against civilians, and called for a ceasefire between the fighting factions.

They also said humanitarian assistance, the safety of civilians and the security of humanitarian personnel must be ensured by all parties in the conflict.

The EU and the international community should look into the possibility of imposing individual sanctions against those who threaten the prospects for peace and democratic transition in Libya, MEPs suggest.

They also called on Libya’s neighbours and regional players to refrain from actions that might exacerbate current divisions and undermine Libya’s democratic transition, and asked them to step up checks at their borders.

The text expressed support for Libya’s House of Representatives “as the legitimate body emanating from the June elections” and called on it, the interim government and the Constitutional Drafting Assembly to engage in an inclusive political dialogue to rebuild stability.

MEPs also say that the exploitation and sale of oil must be administered by the Libyan authorities and that the international community should refrain from transactions with other Libyan players.

The EU, NATO and Libya’s regional partners must also assist in state and institution-building and the creation of effective and nationally commanded and controlled security forces able to ensure peace and order in Libya, MEPs add.

Members of the European Parliament also expressed concern at the unprecedented surge in arrivals of asylum seekers and irregular migrants on Italian and Maltese shores and called for an EU-Libya political dialogue on this issue to be launched when possible. Parliament deeply regrets the recent drowning of a further 500 people in the Mediterranean.

(Source: EU Neighbourhood Info)

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