Libyan Parties to Hold Dialogue on 29th

Over the past two weeks, the Special Representative of the Secretary-General in Libya, Bernardino Leon (pictured), held consultations with a number of Libyan actors from across the country including parliamentarians, political leaders and various civil society personalities.

These discussions confirmed that there is a general consensus that the only solution to the current crisis in Libya is through the convening of a political dialogue that leads to an agreement on the institutional framework for and a sound consensus on, the modalities for the continuation of the democratic transition process.

This dialogue would be based on the legitimacy of the elected institutions, respect for the Constitutional Declaration, inclusiveness, respect for Human Rights and international law, and a clear rejection of terrorism.

In light of this, the United Nations will shortly propose that delegations representing the different parties in the Libyan conflict, meet next Monday, 29 September, for an initial round of dialogue.

To begin with, discussions will focus on the following agenda:

Conclusion of a framework agreement on the rules of procedure of the House of Representatives (HoR) as well as an agreement on the critical issues relating to the governance of the country. Such key issues would require a qualified majority of 2/3 of the HoR membership to allow for decisions. All decisions of the HoR will be subject to the agreed upon rules of procedure.

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