Weekly Security Report By SNE 09 December 2014

With only days to go until the planned UNSMIL peace talks which have been organised by the UNSMIL head Bernardino Leon to be held in Ghadamis they seem to be looking visibly slimmer of any possible success.  In  a statement released by Libya Dawn stating that “they will only come to the table for talks if the HoR is unrecognised”.  Statements like this can only worsen any possible chance for a peaceful brokerage to ongoing fighting.

On the 04 December 2014, in Khartoum a meeting took place between the Foreign Ministers of Libya’s neighbouring countries. A number of Foreign Ministers from other governments and bodies including the UK, US, France, the EU and UN, met in Brussels on 03 December 2014 to discuss the ongoing situation in Libya, after which they announced support for the UNSMIL initiative and called for an immediate cessation of hostilities in Libya.

In the west of the country it is reported that pro-government forces have made advances in the areas

surrounding Tripoli as well as further west towards Sabratha and the border with Tunisia.  Airstrikes have continued within the west, on what is seen as key strategic positions.  At least a dozen people were killed and sixteen injured as fighting continued in the west of the country yesterday, while continued rumours circulate that Zawia is thinking of allowing the National Army to occupy the town without resisting.

Some 300 protestors gathered in Martyrs’ Square in Tripoli yesterday for the 20th consecutive Friday protest against a range of personalities and institutions, including UN Special Envoy Bernadino Leon, head of the Constitutional Drafting Assembly Ali Tarhouni, Khalifa Hafter, the House of Representatives and the Libyan National Army.

It is believed that the Libyan National Army under the Operation Dignity banner now control around 90% of Benghazi, while fighting does still exist in pockets of eastern and some central areas of Benghazi.  It is looking more likely that Ansar Al Sharia are now firing indiscriminate rockets into the centre of Benghazi, on the 7th December a rocket hit the Benghazi Medical Centre.

Fighting between rival tribes in the southern town of Obari seems to have eased over the previous week.  it is thought that the pleasant ease in fighting is due to tribal elders having met to discuss a ceasefire.  Meanwhile fighting continues within the town of Sabah, it is believed that the heavy movement of weaponry last week from the area was a direct result of a Libyan Army commanders statement they would attack the Misrata Airport if Libya Dawn forces did not leave Sabah.

A senior US military official stated on 03 December 2014, that the US is closely watching the situation in Derna, related to the emergence of Islamic State (IS)-linked extremist groups.

Though reports persist that General Khalifa Hafter is about to be appointed Commander-in-Chief of the Libyan National Army, the House of Representatives has denied the new role is in the offering at the moment.

SNE recommendations

Due to the current ongoing unstable situation within Tripoli, SNE recommends that only business essential travel and movements should be undertaken within the Tripoli city limits at present and no movement should be attempted in the hours of darkness or near the area of Tripoli International Airport and surroundings areas which have been affected by the fighting.

We are supporting clients at present in Tripoli with business essential travel visits and are offering a full turnkey risk management and transportation with accommodation and life support package based from our Tripoli villa.  We are advising No movement to the western area of Libya in and around Kikla and Rujban and other surrounding areas where fighting is ongoing between the Operation Dignity and Libya Dawn militia groups.

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