Talks Resume "if Possible" Next Week

“We would like to resume, if possible, next week.”

“We have told them that Libya does not have the time to wait too much, and I have to say they all agreed and they are really ready to come back very soon.”


There is unanimity also on other elements. First of all, all those armed groups should stop. The fighting will not stop this dialogue. The fighting will only represent more suffering, more lives that will be lost, but it will not affect this dialogue. So, the weapons must stop.

There is also unanimity there should not be, not only armed escalation, but also verbal escalation. Those who are sceptical, those who don’t believe in the political solution should give us a chance. This is also a very clear call from all the participants on politicians, on social leaders, on religious leaders. All of them should give an opportunity for peace.

There is also unanimity that we have to keep working with the other tracks, the other working groups. As you know, we have the groups of security and military issues, where different armed groups, militias, but of course the Libyan army also are involved. It is very important to work with them, to make them feel part of this agreement, of these discussions, of the elements we will discuss also in the coming weeks. And the same thing about the other tracks, the municipalities, the political leaders that will meet soon in Algiers, and the tribal leaders track that will also meet soon in Egypt.


I would like to insist, finally, on one issue that really is a very important concern for the United Nations and the international community is that we have seen in the last 48 hours the kidnapping of two brothers of an MP from the House of Representatives in Tobruk, Dr. Abukbar Said. UNSMIL is working very actively to free these two persons. It is a concern added to the one we had before about other similar cases, for instance, Dr. Suleiman Zobi, who has been kidnapped for a few months. He is a former member of the General National Congress in Tripoli and who has been kidnapped in Zintan now for a few months. UNSMIL has been working also on this case. There are other cases. We think that it is unacceptable that armed groups kidnap anyone, any person in Libya, but especially people who are relatives or who are directly politicians. This cannot happen and we call very strongly on those involved in these acts to release these persons immediately.”

(Source: UNSMIL)

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