Environmental Impact Assessment for Azzawiya Oil Refining

Azzawiya Oil Refining Company Inc. (ARC), and nearby companies tend to perform an environmental impact assessment (EIA )for refinery and vicinity areas

  1. Brief of Scope of Works:

Bidder shall visit  The site, survey and collect drawing and information(geographic, social …etc, for refinery & vicinity areas, Brega, Akakos and Golf Companies).

The assessment of impact are required to identify the following items:-

  • The identification of possible impacts (both direct & indirect impacts).
  • The interpretation/evaluation of identified impacts.
  • Prediction of impacts.
  • The mitigation of significant impacts.
  • Communication.

The (EIA) Scope of Works shall include but not limited to this items:

  • Determine the above mentioned items.
  • Conduct a preliminary environmental base line survey/environmental description and specification of detailed EBS and monitoring programmed.
  • Review and assess existing environmental risk/aspects and impacts in Azzawiya oil refinery and vicinity area.
  • Develop existing Azzawiya oil refinery EIA.
  • Conduct the propose mitigation measure.
  • Evaluate adequacy of current ARC environmental management practice, performance and system effectiveness, recommend necessary upgrading to the environmental management system.
  • Review/develop the current risk assessment and conception of  impact of environmental for refinery & vicinity companies.
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