Waste Disposal Contracts at Wafa and Mellitah

The Mellitah Oil & Gas Company (Gas Division) intends to issue the tender below and wishes to invite for pre-qualification interested, experienced and reputable companies specialized in providing similar services for inclusion in the bidders list:


Domestic  & Hazardous Industrial Waste Treatment And Disposal For both : Wafa Field and Mellitah Complex


The aim of this tender is to perform services of waste management for ( off-site transportation , recycling , treatment , remediation , and /or disposal ) of all kind of industrial &Hazardous waste from both :: Wafa Field and Mellitah   Complex in compliance with Environmental General Authority of Libya and international Environmental standards.

The contractor shell also, adheres to all of the Mellitah company for oil and gas standards, government regulations and industry practices where.


Interested companies for the above tender must satisfy and  submit the required information below:

  1. The bidders must provide valid registration documents in Libya (description of applicants of discipline / core business activities , legal status (partner ship , company ) and date of establishments, tax certificate )
  2. The bidders must be registration in the Environmental general authority ( EGA ) and have valid licenses from the EGA  head office in regard.
  3. Experience of similar contracts and references (Industrial & hazardous waste Management) in Libya and worldwide and they shall submit a List of their clients and project details.
  4. Provide detail of HSEQ Management system, policies and procedures.
  5. Curriculum Vitae of professionals assigned for this project be attached. They should have a good experience in dealing with pesticides.
  6. A clear understanding and detailed procedures to perform the work properly.
  7. The bidder shall have advance knowledge of local and international environmental regulations to the undertake the project activities.
  8. The bidder shall have or access to handling and Treatment facilities equipment, storage etc, to be used for Domestic & non hazardous industrial waste management activities.
  9. Access to accredited laboratory capable of compliance testing and analysis for required parameters
  10. Financial situation report for the company for the last three years.
  11. Any additional documents can enhance the potential of the applicant /consortium.
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