Weekly Security Report by SNE Special Projects Consultancy 8 December 2015

Libyan Politics is still holding back the country, with a possible fourth government proposal having been drawn up by the GNC & H-o-R member’s somewhat controversial meeting in Tunis now causing the H-o-R to fail to have enough members present to conduct a meeting in Tobruk on the 7th. This it is believed was a deliberate ploy by the “spoilers” to ensure no vote on the UNSMIL proposed Government of National Accord to take place. The minority who abstained are believed to have the support of the president of the H-o-R Ageela Saleh and General Khalifa Hefter.

The killing and capturing of Daesh members in Tripoli this week has surely hurt the Islamist Terror group, and reports that RADA have a number of other persons in their sights and further arrests to follow could lead the surviving members to put on hold planned attacks or they may receive orders from their command to launch revenge attacks soon. Either way Tripoli is on a heightened alert state with numerous additional checkpoints having been established city-wide.

With the LNA reports that Benghazi is mostly under Government control at last, Daesh members have taken flight and set up in Adjdabiya where local sources have reported several convoys of vehicles carrying weaponry have arrived. It is believed agents on the ground have relayed locations to LNA associates as some strategic airstrikes have allegedly hit Daesh weapon storage areas and checkpoint positions this week over several days. These have been in conjunction with airstrikes on Daesh positions in Sirte and Derna.

Inter-Militia fighting has again caused misery when one of Khoms Power Stations fuel storage tanks was set on fire resulting in loss of power for thousands of homes and businesses, also in the Western town of Zawiyah a small child and two adults were killed when rival groups fought with heavy weapons in another show of force and disregard for human life.

Libyans have reacted badly to the news from Jordan that their country is to introduce visas for visiting Libyans coming into effect this month. The Jordanian Governments reason for this, it is cited is the growing lawlessness and criminality in Libya and the rise in strength of Daesh. Libyans historically have gone to Jordan for their more advanced medical services, training and education.

NATO have stated that they have no plans for Military Involvement in Libya according to the current chief Jens Stoltenberg. Previous suggestions have been put on hold until a Unity Government is formed and then NATO has publicly said that assistance could be sought for involvement in an international peace keeping force and training teams.

The trial of Saadi Gaddafi has again been postponed by the prosecution lawyers who seek more time to prepare their case against the late dictator’s son, he is accused amongst others of human rights abuses during the 2011 revolution and the murder of a Libyan football team official.

The good weather in Tripoli this week has seen many more migrant boats attempting the crossing heading towards Europe and in a four day period the Italian coastguard reportedly picked up 4,500 people from a range of usually unsuitable craft.

The Ras Ajdir border crossing is currently closed on both sides and the Tripoli to Zawia coastal road is still blocked with large piles of earth by locals dismayed at the car jacking’s and murders on this disputed stretch of road, a very important highway to the West, there is a 180 Km diversion in place for travellers.

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