Weekly Security Report by SNE Special Projects Consultancy, 1 Mar 2016

The Libyan House of Representatives parliamentary body based in Tobruk has again postponed until next week the vote on the national unity government, at the time when the international community continue to stress the need to fight against terrorism in Libya "as part of the international legitimacy”. A majority of lawmakers from Libya's internationally recognised parliament said that they supported an UN-backed unity government but had faced intimidation before a confidence vote.

The aborted confidence vote came as forces loyal to the recognised government seized key boltholes from Islamist militias including Daesh in the centre of Benghazi.

All sides in Libya's chaotic conflict are likely guilty of war crimes, including torturing, raping and executing prisoners, the UN said Thursday. The report warned the situation had deteriorated dramatically during 2014 and 2015. The six-member investigation team behind the report was only able to visit Libya briefly during their year-long probe due to the dire security situation in Libya but conducted interviews with more than 200 victims and witnesses.

Continued reports of French, UK and US troops on the ground "giving tactical training" to selected local militias have all been denied by respective government’s although Britain’s defence minister says about 20 U.K. troops are being sent to Tunisia to assist Tunisian authorities combat illegal cross-border movement.

The ISIS oil picture in Libya is showing concern as they have secured the route to the “oil crescent”, which encompasses all the producing fields in the southern desert. It has done this by taking control of the desert town of Nufaliya, which is about 50 kilometres from Es Sider. At stake here is Libya’s 48 billion barrels of estimated reserves—the largest in Africa.

The security situation within the capital has remained quiet this reporting week, with no reports of any significant incidents taking place.

In the aftermath of the US airstrike in Sabratah killing more than 40 people clashes continued leaving 18 people dead after the city’s security headquarters and other buildings were overrun. Sabratah municipal council said Daesh had exploited the “security vacuum” as security forces conducted raids looking for Daesh operatives in the suburbs, but said it had since gained “complete control” of the city.

The air strikes on Sirte continued with casualties rising by the day. Sirte still remains a stronghold with Daesh commanders directing operations.

Intense clashes continued over the past week as military forces made major advances in several districts of Benghazi, allowing some residents to return to their homes for the first time in months.

On Friday, Special Forces commander Fadel Hassi said an Islamic State suicide bomber had blown himself up in the Hawari district, killing four soldiers and wounding three others. He said militants had been pushed back to one site in the area, a cement factory that was now surrounded by the army.

The head of the Libyan armed forces, General Khalifa Hafter, has offered remaining militant fighters in Benghazi a deal under which they will be assured a fair trial if they hand in their weapons and surrender.

Although generally quiet, the south has continued with criminal and smuggling activities. Reports suggest that a scattering of IS militants have been dispersed out of Sabratah after the air strikes and armed clashes and will now spread to neighbouring countries to re-group.

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