Weekly Security Update by SNE Special Projects 8 March 2016

International pressure has continued this week for a political resolution. Libya needs to move ahead now or risk division and collapse warned the UN Security Council. “The humanitarian situation in Libya has deteriorated further against the background of poor funding for the humanitarian response” Martin Kobler, the Secretary-General's Special Representative Libya (UNSMIL), told the 15-member Council.

This was followed by Secretary General Ban Ki-moon warning that the future of Libya and the stability of the whole Sahel region is at stake as it faces the “terrifying threat” of the Daesh group. In his further comments he stated that “all those with influence must use it to calm the situation and stop the fighting”.  However, he warned international powers, not to “stoke the fires of conflict”.  Concurrently the US Secretary of State met with Martin Kobler to discuss the next steps following the February 23rd endorsement of the cabinet, signed by a majority from the Libyan House of Representatives.

In Friday’s state department briefing it was said that the US remain focused on supporting Libyans as they usher in the unified Government of the National Accord cabinet.  Many courageous Libyan leaders are striving to meet their responsibilities under the Libyan political agreement, while a few seek to evade them and obstruct the progress. “We in the international community must support Libyans as they move forward and prevent spoilers from holding the process hostage”.

The international community wants a real political solution, that’s the ultimate sustainable answer to combating extremism.

The security situation within the capital has remained quiet this reporting week, with no reports of any significant incidents taking place.

Local Libyan brigades have continued fighting in Sabratah this week, when militants briefly overran the city centre and beheaded more than 10 brigade members. Two Italians kidnapped last July were released Friday in a raid on an Islamic State group hideout in a town near the city, officials in Libya and Rome said. The announcement came a day after Italy said that two other nationals abducted at the same time had probably been killed in clashes between jihadists and local militia.

At least 45 people were killed in clashes between security forces and armed men in a Tunisian city near the border with Libya. The Tunisian interior ministry said at least 28 attackers, 10 soldiers and seven civilians were killed in Monday's gun battle in Ben Gardane. Earlier in the week, the British Foreign office approved the deployment of twenty military advisors to combat cross border movement.

Benghazi has continued the bombardment of ISIS with air, armoured vehicles and ground troops, as General Khalifa Hafter continues to push his troops to secure the city. Medical supplies and equipment in the city are running low as the health minister requests financial support from the international community.

In further developments; Libyan troops led by Gen. Haftar will advance on Sirte after achieving full control of Benghazi, according to media reports. Preparations for the attack on Sirte include bringing the Oil Facilities Protection force (OFPF) under the leadership of the Libyan Army, however this was denied by the OFPF.

The South has remained generally void of incident. The smuggling of drugs, alcohol and people continues to be the main source of income as reports suggest that 1 million migrants entered Europe last year with a third entering through Libya.

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