Eni Tender for “EIA, EBS, ESHIA & WMP for Exploration Drilling"

Applied effectively, EIA and ESHIA can be considered as a useful tool to help acquire social support and a licence to operate, promote sustainable development and enhance Company reputation.

The ESHIA process, encompasses different phases and associated deliverables, which may find application for different types of projects and/or significant operation improvements generated during the whole asset lifecycle, according to OPES, OPDS, OPOS (i.e.: evaluation, concept selection, concept definition, etc.).

ENI NA will review the information provided by each vendor and determine whether or not it meets ENI NA main requirements.

This evaluation will be conducted at ENI NA’s sole discretion and will be under no obligation of any kind to explain the results of its evaluation.

If requested, except for its partners in the subject operations, ENI NA will maintain said information confidential.

This is not a bid invitation and therefore it does not represent or constitute a promise, obligations or commitment of any kind for ENI NABV to enter into any agreement with any vendor participating in this pre enquiry.

If you are interested to participate, you are kindly requested to submit your reply within the 24th of March 2016, to the attention of:

At the following e-mail address:

[email protected]

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