Eni Tender for “EIA, EBS, ESHIA & WMP for Exploration Drilling"

In detail you are also requested to submit documentation in order to comply with following requirements:

1. Applicant shall provide an evidence that the vendor is registered locally and approved by EGA to conduct registration environment impact assessment (EIA) studies or has a local consultant company partner that is specialized in the field of environment, registered locally and approved by EGA, to conduct environment impact assessment (EIA) studies of the project. Local expertise should be involved in preparation of the environmental baseline survey and elaboration of the environmental baseline study.

2. Management of the sub-contractor interfaces, Libyan permits, consents and approvals process, start-up assistance.

3. Management of the service, including administration items such as, preparation of contract execution plan, reporting, safety, productivity, invoice substantiation, and cost reports.

4. Ensure preparation and submission of documentation for the purpose of obtaining permits and approvals.

5. Manage, supervise and provide, all necessary resources, including supervision, skilled and semi-skilled labour, tools, equipment and supplies for the satisfactory performance of the service.

6. To provide all personal safety equipment.

7. Provide all environmental protection as required by government regulations.

8.Include all related functions, activities and services of each and every kind to accomplish the service, including management, supervision, quality assurance, quality control, record books, material handling/expediting, cost control, interfacing with company’s contractor, provide all labour, resources, tools, equipment, all safety and environmental requirements.

9. It is required that vendor shall not subcontract the whole of the service.

ENINA will evaluate the above requested documentation and, if satisfied, as a result of its careful evaluation, will include the vendor in its Vendor List in order to consider your company for future tender processes regarding the subject activities.

Only qualified companies or consortia or JV that have proven capability and recent experience of supplying the above required services will be considered for potential tenders for the scope of service described above.

All responses are to be supported by such narrative, organisation charts, resource charts and other information which the company considers necessary to substantiate the individual responses and provide ENI NA with the required confidence in the company’s capabilities and experiences.

This enquiry shall not be considered an invitation to bid and therefore it does not represent or constitute any promise, obligation or commitment of any kind on the part of ENI NA, to enter into any agreement or arrangement with you.

Consequently, all data and information provided by you shall not be construed as a commitment on the part of ENI NA, to enter into any agreement or arrangement with you, nor shall they entitle your company to claim any indemnity from ENI NA.

All data and information provided pursuant to this enquiry will be treated as strictly confidential and will not be disclosed or communicated to non-authorized persons or companies except ENI NA.

If interested and without any obligation on our part, you are kindly requested to:

1. Submit the whole documentation requested herein;

2. Confirm your authorization for a “qualification assessment” which, if necessary, will be conducted by ENI NA representative and which might also require a visit to your premises;

(Source: NOC)

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