UN Appeals for Aid for Sirte

The United Nations and its humanitarian partners in Libya, today, called on the international community and donors to urgently provide US$ 10.7 million to meet the lifesaving action and emergency assistance to 79,400 people located within the Sirte municipality.

The situation in Sirt has recently entered a new stage, where military operations against the terrorist group, the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), have triggered new displacement as well as return movements, resulting in a complex and acute humanitarian situation.  People fleeing primarily to Bani Waleed, Misratah, Tarhuna, Tripoli, and Al Jufrah.  

An estimated 90,500 people had fled from Sirt to other parts of Libya at this stage.  Those who fled the area report severe shortages of food and medicines, looting and confiscations by ISIS terrorists, and serious rights violations, including public beheadings, “crucifixions” on scaffolding and abductions.  As military operations advanced, pushing ISIS fighters back, families have started returning to the towns and residential areas around Sirt city.

The humanitarian community expects that the return movements will continue, and are likely to accelerate once the forces of the Government of National Accord (GNA) announce military success.  Humanitarian partners anticipate that by the end of the year, some 79,400 people will be residing in Sirt municipality and certain districts of Sirt city, although much of the city itself will likely remain inaccessible for several months.

The United Nations and its humanitarian partners are tailoring their response to flexibly meet the different and shifting needs of the target population in Sirt.

The RC/HC in Libya, Mr. Ali Al-Za’tari (pictured) said, “We have tailored our response to meet the increasing needs of the people in need of protection, psychosocial support, unexploded ordinances and mine action, health and food aid”.  “This appeal covers the needs for four months, September throughout December 2016.  We need to scale up assistance and we urgently need additional resources.  I urge donors to act now to support the people of Sirt at this time of greatest need”, Al-Za’tari added.

Humanitarian assistance is closely coordinated with other national and international response efforts to the situation in Libya and Sirt.

Please find the Flash Appeal for Sirt: SIRT Flash Appeal (PDF)

(Source: UN)

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